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The Historic Town of Battleford

Founded in 1875 as a Fur Trading Post and the first established N.W.M.P. post, Battleford is the oldest community in the Province and boasts spectacular historic sites which have survived the passage of time.

Many buildings and character homes from the past era are still in use today featuring many different architectural styles including the following:

The Old Government House
Court House/Land Titles
Queen's Hotel
Land Titles (Registry) Office
Battleford Post Office
Town Hall/Opera House

The Original 1911 CNR Railway Station
The Original Presbyterian Gardiner Church

St. Vital RC Church
The Merchants Bank of Canada
Fred Light Museum
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old government houseThe Old Government House Built in 1876, is located 1.5 miles south of Battleford on Old Highway No. 4.

From 1876-1883 Battleford was the seat of government and known as the Territorial Capital of the Northwest Territories (now Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories). Battleford and the N.W.M.P. played a significant role during the 1885 North West (Reil) Rebellion.

1878-1882: Lieutenant-Governor David Laird's residence. It was the Government Office and Chambers when Battleford was Capital of the Northwest Territories.

1883: The Capital was moved to Regina.

1883-1914: Indian Industrial School under the Aglican Church.

1916 - 1931: Seventh Day Adventist Academy.

1931: Sold to the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

1932-1984: St. Charles Scholastic Seminary.

1976: Designated as a Municipal Heritage Site.

1984: Designated a Provincial Heritage Property.

2003: The vacant site - leased to Battle River Settlement Foundation Inc., as part of a restoration project, was destroyed by fire in the summer.

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Court House/Land Titles - The oldest existing Court House in the province. Built in 1907 as part of the compensation package provided when the CN Railway was built north of the North Saskatchewan River. It is the oldest existing Court House in Saskatchewan, and to this day functions as a Provincial Queen's Bench Magistrates Court.


It was designated a Provincial Heritage Property in 1978.

The Battleford Court House is located at 291 - 23rd Street West.




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queens hotelQueen's Hotel - The oldest operating Hotel in the province. Considered to be one of the two oldest hotels in the Province The Queen's Hotel is a Second Empire Revival-style building, of log construction built in 1883. Originally a two storey boarding house it was used for the Battle River Agricultural Society and Doctor's & Lawyers offices in 1885 to 1886.

The building was first used as a hotel in 1889, and a third storey was added in 1890. It became the Presbyterian Church of Canada's original school home for BCI high school students between the years of 1920 to 1932.

In 1948 it became the "Queen's Court" rooming house, the name eventually changing to the Queen's Hotel & Lounge, which is now the oldest operating hotel in Saskatchewan.

The Queen's Hotel is located at 101 - 25th Street West.

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Land Titles (Registry) Office - Located 1.5 miles south of Battleford on Old Highway No. 4 is the first known and oldest standing brick building built in the Province.

Constructed in 1877, it served as the Land Titles Office, housing all land deeds in the area when Battleford was the capital of the Northwest Territories, until 1907.

Between the years of 1907 to 1917 it had been sold to Henry Felix Smart and used as a private residence.

In 1955 the residence had been sold to Clinton Greenwood.

It was designated a Provincial Heritage Property in 1983, and currently the vacant building has been leased to the Battle River Settlement Foundation Inc. as part of a restoration project.

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The Original Presbyterian Gardiner Church - Built in 1886 the old Gardiner Presbyterian Church was the first brick church (gothic style) built in Western Canada at the location of 121 - 20th Street West.

1886-1922: Presbyterian Church.

1922-1933: Served as a meeting place for several organizations.

1937-1959: Royal Canadian Legion Hall and Boy Scout meeting place.

1966: The building was turned over to the town.

1981: It was designated a Municipal Heritage Property.

1992 - 2003: Leased to the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame as a Museum.

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Town Hall/Opera House - The Town Hall is a three storey brick building with a metal roof and crown jewel design replica windows (in reference to the British Royal Family), built in 1912. Located on 92 - 23rd Street West.

The Basement Floor now used for office storage once housed RCMP jail cells, the public library, and the parks/ recreation department.

The Main Floor once housed the RCMP detachment, the R.M. of Battle River #438, the Town Hall and all Departments (fire, water, etc). Within it today resides the Town Hall Office, Council Chambers, and the Mayor's Office.

The Top Floor was once the Opera House/Auditorium used for school plays, high school graduations, live theatre, musical talent night, Christmas concerts, general dances and fireman banquets. In 1965, the currently vacant Opera House was destroyed by fire, possibly electrical. The Town Hall was rebuilt but the Opera House was closed.

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The Original 1911 CNR Railway Station - presently Pennydale Junction Restaurant.

The Pennydale Junction Restaurant, which is located at 92 - 22nd Street West, was once a Canadian National Railway Depot.

Built in 1911, the building was sold to Battleford in 1973, and in 1975 it was moved to its present location.

In 1981 the building was declared a Municipal Heritage Property.

Since 1977 it has been the Pennydale Junction Restaurant providing quality dining while surrounding one in the comfortable nostalgia captured within the old CNR station.

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Battleford Post Office - oldest operating Post Office in the Province.

Constructed of Georgian style, red-brick in 1911, the sight of this four storey building will take you back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Located at 191 - 22nd Street West, the Battleford Post Office is the oldest continuously-used post office in the Province and the second oldest continuously-used post office in all of Canada.

In 1914, the town clock was installed, and began it's record of the past into the new millennium.

In 1987 a 72 cent stamp was made to commemorate the heritage value of the Battleford Post Office.

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St. Vital RC Church . The original St. Vital RC Church was the first Catholic Church and the oldest parish in the Prince Albert Diocese. Built in 1883 of logs, it has stood the test of time, and also serves as the grave of the First Catholic Parish priest, buried under the first step of the altar, beneath the church.

The Church served as a parish for 100 years, then in 1983 it was turned over to the Town of Battleford as a Heritage Property, designated as such in 1985.

Today the old St. Vital Church is vacant, but one can arrange a visit by making an appointment with the Fred Light Museum.

The Church is located at 2 - 20th Street East.

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The Merchants Bank of Canada - Located at 201 - 22nd Street West stands a heritage building in which since 1981 has resided the Battleford Library.

Built in 1912, it was originally a Merchant's Bank of Canada, but through the years of 1920 - 1977 it went through many changes as a Law Office, Real Estate Office, Insurance Office, and Bank of Montreal.

It was in 1977 that it received status as a Municipal Heritage Property.

Library Hours:
Monday 1pm-9pm
Tuesday 2:30pm-5:30pm
Wednesday 10am-12:30 and 1pm-5:30
Thursday 1pm-6pm
Friday 1pm-6pm

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Fred Light Museum

Located at 11 - 20th Street East, the building was constructed in 1914 and was the St. Vital School until 1974, after which it was given to the Town.

In 1980 it became the Fred Light Museum and in
1985 the building was designated as a Municipal Heritage Property.

The Fred Light Museum is named after the founder of the museum who was a member of a pioneer Mounted Police family. He had devoted many years to the collection of artifacts. This collection combined with artifacts donated by interested individuals offers a glimpse of old Battleford.


The Fred Light Museum Features:

  • The Gun Room
    One of the most comprehensive collections of firearms in all of Western Canada.
  • The School Room
    The "School Room" houses a collection of old local school desks, maps, books and photographs.
  • Ye Olde General Store
    The "Store Room", dear to the hearts of older visitors, is a replica of an old General store.
  • The Battleford Room
    Here one can see late nineteenth to early twentieth century furniture, farm tools, mail boxes and a display of fire fighting equipment.
  • Auditorium
    This is an area utilizing the expansive room at the top of the building offering an excellent view of the town, the National Historic Site and the Government Site.|
    This room houses a large variety of uniforms and accessories from the two World Wars and 1885 Rebellion.

Hours of Operation
May long weekend to September long weekend
9:00 am to 8:00 pm daily
Winter - by appointment only
Phone: 937-7111

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Windsor Hotel

After the closure of the Albion Hotel (which became a convent for the Sisters of the Assumption) the "King George Hotel" was built in 1910. In time it became the New Windsor Hotel, then adopted the current name of the Windsor Hotel. The Windsor Hotel is located at 105 - 22nd Street West.

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Some of Battleford's Historic Buildings have regretfully succumbed to age or fire, such as:


St. George's Anglican Church (1886 - 2000).
The Old Government House (1876 - 2003).

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