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Town of Battleford

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Town of Battleford Crest
Box 40
Battleford, SK
S0M 0E0

Ph: (306) 937-6200
Fax: (306) 937-2450

Administration Department

The Administration Department is located at Town Hall (91-24th st). Utility, tax, or accounts receivable bills could be paid here. 


Jennifer Muir - Utility Clerk
Ola Ona - Accounting Clerk
Noreen Hoffart - Executive Assistant
Steven Piermantier - Finance Officer
John Enns-Wind - Chief Administrative Officer

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m 


Mailing address is:
Town of Battleford
Box 40
Battleford SK  S0M 0E0

Tax Notices

Tax Notices are sent out either in May or June. You are able to prepay when ever you would like, but based on the last years' tax.

Utility Bills
The Town of Battleford sends out all utility bills quarterly (January, April, July, and October). You can prepay for your utility bill at any time and put any amount on it.  We have a program called W.I.P.P.S (Water Installments Payment Plan) at no extra cost. Please call 937-6200 for more details.
Please click on the following links and we will show you the break down of the bill.
- WIPPS Utility Bill
- Minimum Water Bill
- Over Minimum Water Bill

Building Permits
You need to get a building permit for any structural changes (deck, sheds, etc.). Please come into Town Hall (91-24th st) to get a permit.

Business -- Whether your business is located within Battleford or not, as long as you are working IN Battleford the Town requires you to have a business license. 

Animal -- The Town of Battleford requires that all dogs need to have a dog tag. Dog tags will cost $20 a year and they expire every year.  If you do not purchase a tag until July, your tag is still only good for the year it is purchased in. If a dog is found, the bylaw officer will try to contact the owner, if we are unable to contact the owner the dog will be taken to the Humane Society.  


Town Cemetery
Town Hall is where you can reserve grave plots for both cremains and caskets. Please call 937-6200 for more information on these procedures.



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