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Town of Battleford

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Town of Battleford Crest
Box 40
Battleford, SK
S0M 0E0

Ph: (306) 937-6200
Fax: (306) 937-2450

Public Works & Utilities Department

The Town of Battleford has a Public Works Department and Utility Department.

Aubrey Whittleton - Utilities Manager

Eric Bilanski - Works Manager

Kayla Noble - Public Works Administrative Assistant

Hours of Work
Summer Hours (May to September) - 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Winter Hours (September to April) - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Our mailing address is:

Town of Battleford
Att: Utilities and Works Department
Box 40
Battleford SK  S0M 0E0

If you have any questions call 306-937-6220.

The Public Works Department does street and road maintenance, garbage and compost pick-up's, removal of fill, and drainage.

The Utility Department does water and sewer maintenance, water meters (in general; any problems), water treatment plant, winter water runs, curb valves, and lagoons.

Quick Fact

A DRIPPING TAP (2 drips per second) CAN USE:
.18 Gallons per hour
4.28 Gallons per day
130Gallons per month

A LEAKY TAP (1/8" Stream) USES:

4.90 Gallons per Hour
117 Gallons per Day
3573 Gallons per Month


Between .5 to 1.5 Gallons per Minute
From 720 to 2160 Gallons per Day
21,900 to 65,700 Gallons per Month
262,800 to 788,400 Gallons per Year

There are 220 Gallons in 1 cubic meter.


Water Meters

How our System Works

1. If there is an older meter we have to read it with a ProRead Gun, which will automatically put the reads on a R900 meter
2. If it is not an old meter we will read it with an R900 Hand Held.
3. From the Hand Held's, the meter reads are downloaded onto our Neptune Computer System.

4. After the Neptune System is finished working with the reads, they are put on CBES, which coverts them into your Utility Bills.


Below are pictures of the guns used and each meter that may be in your home.


ProRead Gun

R900 Hand Held

The Meters

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