Pump Track Information

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As you may have heard the Town is planning to build a pump track this summer.  Asphalt pump tracks are a relatively new recreation facility that are starting to spring up in many different communities.  As with anything new you may have questions.  Below are answers to some common questions we have been hearing.
Get In The Know!
Join us virtually on April 28 at 6:00 p.m. to learn more about this exciting project.  Graham Cooke from Canadian Ramp Company and Amedeo Gadotti from Velosolutions will be in attendance to provide information about the track and to answer your questions.


A pump track is a looped course containing hills and berms that are ridden by "pumping" with your arms and legs to propel yourself forward rather than pedaling or pushing.  Below are examples of different pump tracks built by Velosolutions.


As part of the Parks and Recreation Master plan the Town recognized a lack of outdoor recreational facilities for the Town's youth.  An asphalt pump track will provide a low cost easy to access outdoor amenity.  Also, asphalt pump tracks have a very low operating cost compared to the Town's other recreation facilities.
Although most popular for bicyclists any equipment with wheels can be used on the track including: bikes, scooters, skateboards, long boards and roller blades.
Pump tracks promote a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle.  They allow for opportunity to engage with others who would not typically engage in a team sport setting, they teach balance and coordination and most of all they are fun!
No.  Pump tracks can be ridden by any type of bike: striders, BMX, mountain bike, etc..
The pump track will be made of asphalt with a dirt base.
Skateboard parks are usually made with concrete consisting of bowls, ramps, and rails where the main purpose is for users to perform tricks.  The different hard surfaces interacting produces a lot of "clanking" noise.  Pump tracks are typically quieter because the only noise comes from soft tires interacting with the pavement.  Pump tracks are also considered more inviting because it is easier for a beginner rider to use without previous experience.
Pump tracks are built everywhere: residential neighbourhoods, open green space, inner cities, etc..  Canada Ram Company estimates about half the tracks they have built have been located in residential neighbourhoods.
The Town has selected the green space between the campground and 1st Avenue for the location of the track.
Pump track Location Map
During preliminary work a topographic survey was conducted to assess the site conditions and determine if the area would be suitable for construction.  After reviewing the survey, the Track builders expressed concerns to the Town that building at this site would be challenging due to the varying elevations and as also potential drainage issues due to the proximity of nearby water runoffs.  For these reasons the track builders asked the Town of consider an alternative location.
No, this area has been designated for potential future development of a new firehall and for this reason was not considered.
No, most of the trees were dead and becoming a safety hazard.  The Town decided to remove the trees prior to the project being approved.
The track is being designed and built by Canadian Ramp Company & Velosolutions.  Velosolutions is recognized as the industry leader in state-of-art pump track construction.
Construction is expected to start toward the end of June and take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete.
The entire track will take up an area of approximately 1,100 square meters.
The track is expected have a lifespan of 20-25 years before any major rehabilitative work is required.
Unlike dirt tracks which require a lot of maintenance and grooming, asphalt tracks are low maintenance limited to the occasional crack filling and cutting grass on the interior and perimeter.  Also, unlike dirt tracks asphalt tracks allow for good riding conditions rain or shine.
The project has a total budget of $325,000
The Town has applied for a grant.  The Town has been planning the project for a couple years and was included in the 2022 capital budget.
This is not being considered at this time.
The Town is planning to install benches and garbage cans near the entrance point to the track.
Not at this time, this will be reassessed on an on-going basis.
A parking lot will not be built this year.  First Avenue is wide enough to accommodate on-street parking.  Parking needs will be reassessed after the park is built and in use.
This is not being considered at this time, however public washrooms are available at the campground.
The Town is planning to hold a virtual community information session at 6:00 p.m. on April 28th.  You can find additional information on the following websites.