Green Composting Containers

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Compost BinWe provide an organic waste collection to single family homes.  Purchasing a compost container (green bin) helps to divert compost material from the waste stream and reduce costs.  Food and yard waste disposed of in black bins and at the landfill does not become soil.  By diverting organic waste away from your black bin and landfill we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce environmental pollution.


The Green Bin Program is an optional program.  Residents must purchase a green bin to participate in this program.  Green bins can be purchased at Town Hall.  Each household is allowed maximum of two bins. 


Compost containers are collected weekly April to November. 

Compost Bin Brochure


Frequently Asked Questions

Who looks after maintenance and repair of the bins?

 All maintenance and repair work completed is to be charged the cost of the replacement part and a flat labour to the property owner.


When do I get my newly purchased bin?

Bins are delivered on Fridays.


Monday is a holiday when will my bin get collected?

 If a statutory holiday falls on a Monday from April to November the compost pick-up day will move to Tuesday.


I am moving, do I leave the bin at my old residence?

 If you are moving the Green Container was purchased and is yours to keep, not like the Black and Blue Bins - they have to stay at the house. You can take your Green Container to your new home in town.


Compost Container Placement Guidelines

  1. Place Green Container roadside by 7 am.
  2. Return the emptied container to your property before the end of the day.
  3. It is important to note the serial number stamped on the cart at the time of delivery at your residence.
  4. Lid must be closed to ensure pickup.


Always have the wheels of the container facing toward the curb.


If you have questions contact Works Department 306-937-6220 or Town Hall 306-937-6200.