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ColumbariaBattleford Cemetery
The public cemetery is located on Hwy #16 West. The Cemetery Regulations below contain information concerning cemetery and monument regulations, requirements and care of graves. To reserve a plot, please fill in the application form below and return to Town Hall.
The Town of Battleford built their first Columbaria in 2013. The beautiful granite Columbaria is double sided with 24 niches per side measuring 12x12x14". Two internments per niche is permitted, however there is limited space in the niche so be careful when choosing larger urns (please ensure to check with the Funeral Home first). 
Memorial Wall 
The Town of Battleford offers a Memorial Wall to remember loved ones whom may have lived here or left some sort of legacy behind but are resting elsewhere. Only bronze plaques are permitted with the minimum size being 12"x12" and the maximum size 12"x20".
For more information about the cemetery, please contact Town Hall at (306) 937-6200. 
Cemetery Maintenance

The town asks that you please DO NOT place any decorative items or solar lights on the grave plots.

No statues, lighting or other ornamentation is permitted on or around grave sites.  Flowers are permitted provided they are in holders or vases permanently secured to the base of  a memorial.  All flowers and any other items are to be removed by September 30th.  Any remaining flowers or items will be removed by Town staff after this date for winter maintenance and vases turned down to avoid damage in winter.

Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.