Mayor and Council

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 Town of Battleford Council
Back row: Councillor Gordon Yarde, Councillor Doug Laing, Councillor Kevin Russell, Councillor Susan McLean Tady
Front row: Councillor Judy Pruden, Mayor Ames Leslie, Councillor Shelley Boutin-Gervais 
The Council of the Town of Battleford consists of one mayor and six councilors. Elected in 2016, these individuals will serve a four-year term.
Strategic Plan 
Learning from the past, growing for tomorrow.
  • Facilitating a safe, family friendly, and multicultural community.
  • Building an inclusive, diverse, and economically vibrant community.
  • The Town will be effective, efficient, and sensitive to community needs.
Strategic Priorities
  1. Safety: The Town of Battleford is a safe and friendly community addressing neighbourhood concerns.
  2. Sustainable Infrastructure: Ensure the Town's infrastructure is reliable and sustainable sustaining Battleford's quality of life, facilitating economic success, and remaining competitive.
  3. Organizational Effectiveness: Town elected and appointed officials are professional and knowledgeable who are trusted to be wise stewards of Town resources.
  4. Economic Development: To ensure the ongoing socio-economic vitality of Battleford.
  5. Quality of Life: The Town of Battleford facilitates opportunities for individuals and groups to be fulfilled.
To learn more about Council's Strategic Priorities please see the Battleford Strategic Plan.

Council's Governance Role
Vision: Council determines what Battleford will be today and in the future.
Budget: Council allocates resources to achieve its vision and holds administration accountable for the achievement of Council’s vision.
Bylaws: Council uses bylaws to facilitate its vision.
Community Relations: Council is a link between residents and administration ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of services according to the level of service determined by Council.
Inter-Governmental Relations: Council manages relations with other jurisdictions at all levels to achieve Council’s vision.
Policies: Council uses policies to equip Administration to achieve Council’s vision.

During COVID-19, Town of Battleford Council is continuing the efforts of social distancing by conducting the Council meeting scheduled for Monday, April 6, 2020 via live stream video and can be viewed while the meeting is taking place.  Please note that the video may take a moment or two to start playing on your computer and you will only see a live stream if a public meeting is in session.
The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm.  Council Chambers, located at Town Hall, will be closed to the public.